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Minnesota Fishing Report – Jan. 22, 2020
Mother Nature delivered exactly what wasn’t needed across most of the state last Friday – more snow and wind. This just added to the poor lake conditions across much of northern Minnesota where angling activity continues to be limited due to deep snow and an amazing amount of slush on many lakes.
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Illinois Fishing Report – Jan. 17, 2020
Fishing with ice jigs under a slip-float can produce some exceptional catches this time of year. Live bait for most species is key. Floating minnows off the bottom on three-way rigs or suspended from a slip float can mean some fair catches of walleyes.
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Wisconsin Fishing Report – Jan. 17, 2020
It got cold enough over the past week to freeze much of the slush that was limiting areas that anglers could reach. Lakes across the state still aren’t in the best condition, but there was a lot more fishing activity last week than previously.
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Illinois Woods & Waters – Pistakee Lake, McHenry/Lake counties
One of the largest bodies of water on the Fox Chain, encompassing 1,700 acres, Pistakee has historically been a wintertime favorite for anglers. Pistakee Bay is one of the few deep spots on the south end of the collection of lakes. The depth here provides a huge wintering pool for multiple species of fish.
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Reviews, Blogs & Tips

New Fishing Watercraft for 2020
Boats for 2020 are not what Dad used to consider fishing rigs, because they are more like luxury fishing cruisers with more room, horsepower, and speakers that rival those of a Mercedes Benz.
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