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Don’t forget to check – and change – fishing line [video]

“Tackle” Terry Tuma talks about the importance of frequently checking, and changing, fishing line – problems with line can reduce the poundage of test line and cause you to lose fish when that weaker line breaks. Keeping an eye out is especially necessary when using mono or fluorocarbon line and not so much when using braided fishing line.

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Tips for catching walleyes in the weeds [video]

“Tackle” Terry Tuma talks about catching weed walleyes – jigging in the weeds by using either leeches or plastics can bring success. Running crankbaits, using live-bait rigs along weed lines and utilizing weedless hooks can help, too.

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Getting after walleyes in the weeds [video]

“Tackle” Terry Tuma discusses catching walleyes in the weeds. “T3” says walleyes are often plentiful in the weeds on many lakes because of less fishing and boating pressure in those areas, adding that walleyes can be found on the weed edges, near rocks in the weeds and transition areas.

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Tips for netting fish [video]

You don’t want to lose fish, so make sure you have the right-sized net. Then keep the net out of the water, gently sliding it under the fish, steering it into the net.

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