Fishing Contest Leaderboard

The Leaderboards

Step right up and see if you made the cut. This is the 2021 Outdoor News Fishing Reports Ice Fishing Derby Leaderboard brought to you by Tuned Up Custom Rods. This leaderboard is update weekly if there are any new entries into the top 5 in each category.

If you have caught a walleye, northern pike, sunfish or crappie that you think might be leader board material, please review the contest rules and if you check all the boxes, please click here to enter.

Our complete list of weekly winners is listed below.

Updated 2/24/2021 @ 9:00am.


Name Length Lake Date
Jacob Pauly 29″ Lake Mille Lacs 1-22-2021
Liz Zahow 27 5/8″ Fish Lake 2-19-2021
Tom Steiner 24 1/2″ Lake of the Woods 2-1-2021
Zach Nott 24 1/4″ Leech Lake 1-30-2021
Jenna Rein 23 3/4″ Lake Mille Lacs 1-29-2021


Northern Pike

Name Length Lake Date
Lucas Fuder 31 1/2″ Pebble Lake 1-18-2021
Jessica Johnston 25″ Leech Lake 1-30-2021
Erik Peterson 22″ Lougee Lake 1-23-2021



Name Length Lake Date
Nathan Whalen 15 5/8″ Clear Lake 2-3-2021
Erik Peterson 14 1/4″ Pelican Lake 1-23-2021
Aaron Ardoff 13 3/4″ Page Lake 1-31-2021
Ross Ardoff 13 1/4″ Green Lake 2-7-2021
Tom Brower 13″ Two Inlets Lake 2-17-2021



Name Length Lake Date
Ross Ardoff 10 7/8″ Green Lake 2-13-2021
Ross Ardoff 10 1/2″ Green Lake 2-13-2021
Aaron Ardoff 10 1/2″ Green Lake 2-13-2021
Aaron Ardoff 9 3/4″ Green Lake 1-30-2021
Zach Suelter 9 5/8″ Pokegama Lake 1-24-2021



The Weekly Winners

Outdoor News cap, Fishing Reports access plus a decal and coupon from Tuned Up Custom Rods


Name Category
Logan Burhans Sunfish
Lucas Fuder c/o Casey Grant Northern Pike
Kail Lavigne Crappie
Jessica Johnston Walleye
Ross Ardoff Sunfish
Erik Peterson Northern Pike