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The Outdoor News Fishing Reports have become the most popular feature in the publications, keeping anglers up to date on where the bites are hot, what tackle is working and more.  Now you can access this information, and much more, 24/7 with FishingReports.OutdoorNews.com.


This site will be continuously updated with the latest information from a growing list of states and regions to help anglers get the inside track for successful outings.  Our reports come directly from guides, tackle shops, resort owners, and other anglers so we have the latest and most relevant information for you to use.  Information that is fresh, relevant, and easy to access from anywhere on your phone, your tablet, or your desktop.


The site is packed full of up-to-date information just for you.  Beyond the state/region-specific fishing reports the site will be full of other great information like lake maps, lake profiles, pro tips, gear reviews, angling blogs, tips and techniques, legislative updates, and much more.


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The most up-to-date comprehensive fishing reports from guides, resorts, bait shops and other experts from all regions.  Nine states and growing.



Detailed Lake Maps and Lake Profiles from 11 states and growing!



Tips, Updates, and Insights from Al Lindner and the team at  Angling Buzz!


Video tips, reports, and updates from area pros including Tony Roach, “Tackle” Terry Tuma, and more!


Fishing gear reviews, new products, and more!



Blogs and tips from pros and experts!